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Tomorrow is Team Spirit Day!

Wear your favourite team jersey, St. Paul's School Wear, or your own team jersey.

Show your team spirit!

No donation needed!

April 24 - 28


Track and Field Begins!!! 7:30 at Minoru Track. 

Remember all parts of your regular uniform. (Don't forget your shoes too!)

Please make sure that your child knows how he/she is getting to and from the track.

When bringing your child to school, please drop them off quickly so that the traffic does not back up. Your child can put his or her uniform on in the covered area if they haven't done so in your car at Minoru. 

Sending a little snack for after practice is a good idea.

HOT LUNCH for those who ordered


FIELD TRIP! See Email sent to drivers and families.


Track @ Minoru -- 7:30am

Dismissal at 2pm


Regular Day.


St. Paul's/St. Joe's Track Meet. See the PE/Music Blog for details!



Have A Lovely Easter Weekend

 Thank you to everyone who participated in the Home Reading this week. I hope that your family got to enjoy some time reading scripture together. 

Math Quizzes were sent home. Areas for further development are highlighted on the top sheet. **Please sign and return**

No new spelling list this week as next week is a short week.

No Home Reading this weekend! Enjoy your Easter! (Of course you could always read the Bible!)

NOTE: Please have Track and Field forms returned for Tuesday  -- if you have any questions please email Mr.Kelly at for more information.


May you and your family enjoy a most blessed Easter weekend!

For Tomorrow

If your child has not finished the "Holy Thursday" read and reflect, please complete and return for tomorrow.

Math Quiz: multiplication and division -- fact families, arrays, and word problems (solve it and make your own).

Mite Boxes Due

Home Reading Reflection can be handed in on Thursday. 


As we enter Holy Week, let us reflect on how we have lived along side Jesus in his journey. As Father spoke in Mass this morning, it is about the many little things that we do for others and to show our love for Jesus and to make this Holy Week meaningful. During this final week of Lent, add to your prayer, fasting and almsgiving as a family. The school children had confessions on Friday as a way for preparing themselves for our Lord's Ressurection. Confession times for the rest of families are listed in the bulletin (Monday, Tuesday, Friday -- 7:00 to 9:00pm at St. Paul's; Holy Saturday 10:00 am to 11:00).

 ***Reminder: Mite Boxes are due back this week***

Mass times this week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday @ 8:15; No Mass on Thursday morning but the Mass of Our Lord's Supper is in the evening. (Don't forget to read the bulletin and insert)


Hot Lunch for those who ordered

Home Reading this week -- Read and Reflect on the daily Mass readings. 

If you don't have a daily missal, you can find the readings online at and then either read online or find them in your bible. 

A reflection sheet for each day will be sent home. 

It will be the final visit from our Art Therapist Students.


Panorama and Class Photos Today -- Make sure you have your proper uniform


2 pm dismissal


Shadow Stations at 11am in the Gym

Good Friday

NO School 

At the church:

Stations for Children is at 11:00 am

Celebration of Our Lord's Passion at 2:00pm and 5:00pm


Easter Monday

No School


Thank you to everyone for having their forms in on time! I am looking for one or two other drivers to help get us all to our destination. If you considered driving, it would be great. Perhaps you only want to drive your child and a friend? That is also helpful. Currently we need rides for 3 to 4 more children. Thank you to all who have volunteered. I will be sending out an email to the drivers specifically so that you can fill out a QUICK form in the office ahead of the date. I am very grateful for your assistance to help make this trip happen. 

May you and your family have the most blessed Easter Weekend!

April 3 - 7

 The first week back after Spring Break was a lovely one. We had many adventures in learning. From exploding art to division, it was a fun-filled week. 

This week:

We'll contintue to work on learning about matter, art, division and multiplication, diverse cultures, and a variety of writing activities. Stay tuned for our up coming field trip. 

Monday -- Art Therapy Students will be with our class again. (Permission forms due for those who wish to share their work to help our art student learn.)

****Hot Lunch for those who ordered**** Correction from previous blog. 

Home Reading -- Projects Due (as per email last week)

PE (regular schedule)

Tuesday -- PE (regular schedule)/French (regular schedule)

Wednesday -- 2:00 dismissal

PE (regular schedule)

Thursday -- regular day

Friday -- Spelling Test


Happy First Week of April!

Spring Break and Reminders

 I wish you all a most wonderful and restful Spring Break. I hope that you will get time to spend with your families and that the students return well-rested and ready to work!

Please read daily over the break.  

The new spelling list was sent home today but the quiz won't be until Mar. 31st. 

Just a reminder that as always --

PE on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

French on Tuesday and Friday

Music on Thursday

Monday, March 27

Bring Paint Shirts (if you don't have them in your lockers already)

Reading Logs will be due (as shown on the cover-- please record and sign)


Enjoy your Spring Break!

God bless.


Mar. 6 - Mar. 10

 Happy last week before Spring Break!

Hopefully your child has told you about his or her Lenten promises. The students were thoughtful in their creation of promises. We will check in this week to see how they went over the weekend. Perhaps you can join your child in his or her promise whether it be more bible readings, the rosary, going to the chapel or other forms of prayer. Maybe they chose to donate a toy or some old clothes and they need your help to take them in. Whatever it is that your child felt was something they wished to do, they put a lot of thought into it. Thank you for supporting your child on his or her faith journey. As the first teachers of your children, I can see just how supported they already are by you. I was so impressed by how your children could think of others and ways to pray. This is due to you, the parents! Keep up the excellent work. We certainly have a most blessed community.

If you can, please try and join us for 8:15 Mass before school each day.


Hot Lunch for those who ordered. (Please be sure to check that your child ordered)

Home Reading Logs Due.

Speech Arts Permission forms DUE


Just another fun day in Grade 3!


Speech Arts at St. Joespeh the Worker 

Dismissal 2PM


Report Cards Home


Last day before Spring Break.

Dismissal at 3PM

Feb 27 - Mar 3


Hot Lunch for those who ordered

Speech Arts Rooms 1 and 2 -- Parents are welcome to attend 1:00 start


No PE -- Switch to Music (due to construction)


Ash Wednesday Mass 11 AM


Morning Masses Begin 8:15 in the church

We encourage everyone to attend during Lent. 


No Assembly 



Feb. 20 - 24

We've had a wonderful week exploring new ideas. There are a bunch of great thinkers in the class. They were able to plan, calculate, and create a project to prevent erosion. They visited Jeffrey Hardware to make their purchases while completing a proper purchase order. The designs that were created were certainly unqiue and most were quite effective. With a little bit of mess, a lot of thinkings and much time on task, the students have had a successful week of learning. We will reflect on this learning throughout this next week.

Next week we have a few things...


Hot lunch for those who ordered

Perimeter quiz -- practice work was sent home for you to check out. 


Speech Arts - In-class presentations with the Grade 2's. Please be prepared to present. Poems memorized. Bible readings practiced.


Regular school day

Dismissal at 2:00


Apostle's Creed and Ch.15 Religion Quiz


Spelling Test


Have a lovely weekend. Go out and enjoy the sunshine.