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Valentine's Day Week

 I hope that you've all had a wonderful Family Day today and have been able to enjoy time with your families.

I know that we are blessed to be able to spend time with our loved ones.

Here a look at this coming week:



Valentine's Day! (If you have any treats, we'll hand them out and they will be sent home.)

Dress Down Day -- Wear Red and White. 

PE today so dress to play



2:00 Dismissal 


Art Club 


Spelling Quiz


A few reminders for good study/homework habits...

Your child should be practicing the spelling words throughout the week at home.

Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes a day even if there is no reading log.

Please be sure to use the RAZ KIDS account that is provided for you. Your child may also read books of his or her choice at home but know that good readers are usually good learners. As the parents, I am sure that you want to instill good study habits even without assignments.

I will be creating a new Home Reading project to begin next Monday. What is the purpose? I want your children to read, read, read just for the love of reading. Set a family goal. Decide to all read together in the evening if you can. Make it a habit not just because of an assignment.  Details to follow later this week...

Don't forget to be practicing for the Speech Arts!

Monday's Field Trip Postponed

Due to the uncertain conditions of the weather and time frames for making cancellations, we will have to postpone this Monday's field trip.

It will be rescheduled for a later date. Thank you very kindly for your understanding. 

Regular uniforms expected. Hot lunches for those who ordered. 


Happy Snowy Weekend!


Field Trip -- Please see email for details on what will happen if there is a snow day. 

Boys - Regular Uniforms

Girls - Regular Uniform Tops including Sweaters --- girls may wear black or navy pants since it will be cold.

Wear boots as we will be going on a walking tour.

Bring a lunch. Hot lunches will be given to the children upon return to the school therefore if you ordered, you still need to bring a lunch on the field trip.


Mrs. Erhardt will be in for Gr. 3 -- I will be supervising at Grouse Mountain


Spelling Quiz

Math Measurement Quiz -- cm, m, perimeter and using estimation skills, measuring passage of time (days, weeks, months)


Due to construction we must vacate the premises.

Thursday and Friday

No school for students -- Teachers to the Catholic Educators Conference.

Monday, February 13

Family Day -- No School -- enjoy your family!

Next Week January 30 - February 3

Thank you to everyone who came out this week to celebrate the Feast of St. Paul.

Congratulations to the Grade 3 students for fantastic leadership at our Mass.

I am looking forward to seeing more of our students lead in assembly this morning.

Gung Hay Fat Choy to anyone celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend.

Thank you for the quick work on returning your field trip forms. I will do the draw for parents today. I will email you as soon as I have the list. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer.


Hot Lunch for those who ordered.

We are very fortunate to have a special guest coming to teach us about Chinese New Year! (Thank you to Mrs. Ngan for sharing your culture! We are excited for your visit.)

Requiz on addition and subtraction with regrouping for some students (they know who they are)


Mrs. Erhardt to teach -- Mrs. Jeffrey at Grouse with Gr. 5 Class

Biography Projects Due -- Presentations will begin 

The projects that have already been turned in look very creative. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

Wednesday to Friday

Scholastic Book Fair -- Your child may bring money to buy books -- Cash and Cheques only. 


Spelling Test


Have the most wonderful weekend!

Speech Arts and Registration

 Speech Arts notices have been sent home today.

Please review the expectations and see which one (poetry or bible reading) your child chosen.

If your child is away, they will get the notice when they return or when you come to pick up any work.

Re-Registration packages have gone home today. 

Homework/Next Week

 It's definitely January! Cold and Flu season is upon us. This week we have had a variety of students away due to illness. Please continue to pray for our friends that are ill. Also, please continue to wash your hands, get a good sleep and eat healthy foods.


For those that have been away this week here are a few items that will be for homework: (Students that have been in class will have this written in their agendas.)


Math: Math Textbook - P. 139 - 140 #1- 7; P. 146- 147 #1- 7

Writing: Draft #2 should be finished

Handwriting lower case e should be completed.

Read Well activities will have to be caught up on in class upon return to school.


For our Science Projects: (For students in class and that were away)

Your child is researching about wind, water, or ice erosion. They have been asked to prepare to do a demonstration on this with his or her group. They were given an hour to research on this during class today. They should at this point, have a list of things they need  in order to do this on Monday. Please have them bring their supplies on Monday mornning. Please do not deliver these supplies after school has started. Please check your child's agenda to see what they need to bring and be prepared for Monday. If your child is away, their partners have either decided to collect all of items themselves or they will contact your child this weekend to inform them what they need to bring. If your child was away, they should explore experiments to demonstrate erosion -- they may do so online with your supervision or by using books. 


Next week's words:

1. even 2. below 3. hear 4. sure 5. hold 6. mind 7. pair 8. give 9. most 10. water 11. front 12. however 13. nothing14. laugh 15. different 16. between 17. probably 18. surprise


Happy Weekend and I wish you all a speedy recovery.

January 16 - 20

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to read about the pick up and drop off procedures sent out by the office.

Gr. 3's should be picked up from the back lot. 

Our class will be leading the St. Paul Feast Day Mass on January 25th. It is a great day for families to spend time together. It would be lovely if your families can attend. 

Thank you for all of your assistance with the research projects. I'm looking forward to working with the students on these projects. 


Hot Lunch for those who ordered

Math Quiz - addition and subtraction with regrouping (3 - Digit)


Math and Religion Quizzes for those who were away

More research!


2:00 Dismissal


Happy New Year!

 I hope that you have all had a most relaxing and enjoyable time with family and friends during this Christmas season. As this new year begins, I pray that you are blessed with many good things for yourselves and your families. Take some time this week to reflect upon all the goodness that has been given to you by our loving God.


Since the weather is very cold, please send your child to school dressed appropriately for the weather. Gloves, hats, boots, etc. and anything to keep them warm as they play outside during recess and lunch. Students are expected to go outside so please make it as comfortable as possible for your child.


This week we resume classes but will ease into things as we get used to our routines again.

Home Reading will change slightly and will be given out near the end of the week. 

PE is as usual this week. (Don't forgot to check if your child brought home his or her shoes.)


Have a wonderful week!



 Just a friendly note to tell you that we are going to confession tomorrow morning. Please have your child to school on time as we will be going through an examination of conscience. It would be great if you could also do the same with your child this evening. It always helps to reinforce our faith at home too!


A look ahead:



Science Workshop


Play practice

Quotations Quiz

Spelling Quiz

Math Due - See agenda


Play practice

Math Quiz - 3-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping 

Concert Costumes

For our Christmas Concert costumes: (This is the same as the email that was sent)


Washed, dried, ironed, hung, covered, and returned to school. (Name on outer bag so we know who it fits)
Under clothing:
White shirt, pants, and socks (no worries about shoes -- they can go in socks)