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 At the request of the students the Scholastic orders will be exteneded until tomorrow.


Christmas Concert Attire

It was such a pleasure seeing all of the parents on Friday. I'm sure that you are as excited as I am to know that your child is so reflective about his or her learning. Thank you for setting goals with your child and recognizing how much they have accomplished so far. I can't tell you how much I enjoy working with each and everyone of your children.

Christmas Concert Attire:

Our class will be angels. Your child has been measured with a white gown. This will be sent home this week. Please wash, iron, hang and return by Monday, December 5th. 

For beneath the costume, your child will be asked to wear all white (Shirt, pants, socks). We want to be sure that when the stage lights hit them that they will be wonderfully white angels. Thank you so much!

There will be no PE today but instead we will have PE and Music on Wednesday. 

Scholastic Orders (this is the last one before Christmas break) will be ordered today -- this will enure that they are here before we go for the break. 

On Thursday report cards go home. Please sign and return the cover of the report. 


Thank you again for being such wonderful supportive parents to your children. I look forward to the conferences in the spring when we can recognize all of the accomplishments of your children. 



 Tomorrow there will be a Remembrance Day Assembly. You are welcome to join us in the gym at 10:45.

Please send $2 for your child to have a poppy.

Scholastic Orders will be due on Monday, November 21st if you wish to order.

(The agenda says Friday the 18th but I will be away at a Professional Develop Workshop that day.)

Social Studies Projects

Students have been asked to bring in items for his/her project.

This is very similar to the science project in the way we are carrying it out.

The students have decided (or are still deciding) on how they would like to represent their learning.

They have been given a variety of ideas to choose from. With his or her group, they have made a plan to show what they know in a project.

This could include anything from a book report, mobile, diaorama, play, song, interview, newpaper report, etc.

They have started to make this plan with their chosen group.

If they require materials that are not available at the school, they will provide them from home.

I am so proud of the students for taking charge of their learning. Their plans and ideas are truly demonstrating an interest in learning. 

Please talk to them about their projects, understandings and give them positive praise for being so independent in their choices!

Some groups may be ready to start tomorrow -- ask your child. Other groups are still planning and will need their items for Tuesday. Please check in with your child about where they are at on the project. 

Any questions? Please feel free to email me or call the school. 

Created By Kids Orders/Homework for Tomorrow

 Just a friendly reminder that the Created by Kids orders are due tomorrow!



Halloween/All Saints/All Souls Brochure to be coloured and returned by tomorrow.



Thanks to everyone for returning the logs on time.

Don't forget that the expectation is that students are to read for 20 minutes per day, 5 to 7 days per week.

If they need to read more than one book to fill the 20 minutes, please record it. Please also record RazKids books.

They will be collected each Monday and returned on Tuesdays.

Halloween/All Saints/All Souls

This week has been a very fun-filled week. The children have been learning about the aboriginal cultures of Canada. It has been a great learning experience from houses, to tools, to totem poles. They are always so excited to learn new things. Stay tuned for our next fun project. 

Next Week:



Any treats brought will be sent home. Please bring a plastic bag to carry them home in. 

Hot lunch for those who ordered.

Dress Down Day -- $2 for our sponsor child -- See email sent from the office about the expectations

Reading Log Due -- 20 minutes per day (5 - 7 days per week)


All Saints Day -- Talk to your child about his or her patron saint. 


All Souls Day

We will be praying for those who have gone before us.

If you would like, please send a picture of a loved one that we can put up to pray for during the month of November. 


Another fun day in Grade Three!


Pizza Lunch -- Great work on raising enough the most money in primary!


Thank you -- it's the first year I've had the honour of having a class with the most pledges!

I'm looking forward to pizza!


God bless and have a lovely weekend with your families.

Created By Kids/Homework

The Created by Kids artwork was sent home today.

Please order by November 2nd to avoid late fees. 

This is a great fundraiser to support Catholic Charities.

Check out the order form on the back of the art. 


As you may have noticed there was a Home Reading Log sent home on Monday. I am hoping that the children were able to tell you the instructions for the log.

Just in case they were unable to do so... (Quiz them first)

1. Please read 20 minutes daily (same as always).

2. Record the date, book title, minutes read, and sign that you have listened to your child read. 

3. Your child may read the same book day after day (if it's a chapter book), just be sure to include either page numbers or chapters read. 

4. Raz Kids books should also be recorded as though they are regular books including time read etc. 

Any other questions? Please email me

Happy Reading!

Oct. 24 - 28

It has been an exciting week in Grade Three. The students did a great job of their parts in the assembly today. 

This week the students presented their group projects about their chosen ecosystems. We connected these projects and the students can now tell you how living and non living things are connected. It has been a great process of inquiry for the students. Some of it was challenging but the students were always engaged. I am so proud of how they demonstrate a love of learning. I am so impressed!

Your child may have spoken to you about his or her art that they are creating for the "Created by Kids" fundraiser. They are looking great. The students are making their own designs and taking great pride in their work. 


The new spelling list has been sent home. Don't forget to practice. 


Hot lunch for those who ordered

Religion Ch. 3 Quiz 

Have a lovely weekend!







October 17- 21


Math Quiz -- Skip counting, rounding, comparing and ordering numbers.

Review sheets were sent home. These are not an assignment. 

Materials for science projects are due. *** Students have determined what each of them would like to bring. They will have a whole afternoon to work on this so please do not forget, they do not want to let their group members down. 

Scholastic Orders extended -- due Monday.







Mass -- 11am Gr. 6 


Mrs. Jeffrey away with Gr. 5 Volleyball girls (afternoon)


Gr. 3 and 7 to lead Assembly

Have a lovely weekend! Let's pray for no power outages!


October 3 - 7

 Thank you to all of the parents that helped out at the Walkathon. It was such a successful day!

The children walked well and they were in great spirits. I can tell that they are physically active and have great endurance. What a gift!

This coming week:


Hot Lunch

Religion Ch. 2 Quiz.

Spelling test.

Please know that each list is kept at school after completion so that the children can continue to practice his or her words during their time to do Word Work. 

This is meant to make it about learning and not just about passing a test. That being said, it is very important to spend time using strategies to learn these words weekly in order to improve their vocabulary and spelling. 


Photo Day -- Full uniforms required. (This includes the sweater and matching hair ties etc.)


2:00 Dismissal

Cross Country Meet -- See PE/Music Blog for full details


Our first visit from Father Mark!


Garry Point Fun Run 12:30 Departure for Garry Point.

Dismissal from the park. All Grade 3 students must check out with Mrs. Jeffrey! Failure to do so will cause much disruption. Please remind your children that they must speak with me before leaving. I will remind them too! Thank you so much for this. It makes for a much fun day rather than a worriesome day!

I want to thank all of the parents for their constant support and kind words about what is happening with the new curriculum and with your children. I am always so happy to see such growth in the children. They are such a blessing and I truly enjoy each one of them. I also want to remind you that if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. I love to be able to discuss your children's progress with you so that we can help them grow into loving, caring, and successful adults.

I was so pleased with the students this last week while we were doing our service project. They showed great maturity and motivation to help out while cleaning the church. They make me so proud of them! I hope that you will tell them how proud you are too!


God bless and have a good week!

Mrs. Jeffrey 

Specialty Subject Timetable

For Your Information:

PE -- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Music - Thursday

French - Tuesday, Friday

Library - Friday