Grade 6's blog

Weekly updates

 Dear Grade Six Families,

We have made it through an entire week. I was very pleased with how the grade 6 class took on the responsibility of being our school leaders as the grade seven students were away at Outdoor Ed.

Homework for the weekend includes:


1. Read for 30 minutes both quietly and out loud.


1. Vacation of a Lifetime - complete planning and calculations by Monday, Sept. 18.


1. Coding handout coloured for Tuesday

2. Les Saisons et la Météo assignment - fine-line and colour (due Thursday)


1. Extreme Environment vocabulary due Monday


1. Pictures for silhouettes are due on Wednesday. Use ALL ABOUT ME handout as your guide.


1. Hot Lunch Orders - due Monday, Sept. 18

2. Meet the Teacher Night and AGM Meeting: Tuesday, September 19 @ 7pm in the gym

3. Walk-a-thon Volunteer form due Wednesday, September 20

4. Frequently check PE Blog to confirm practice times 

5. Scholastic Orders are due September 22. You may order online or pay by cheque.

6. Box of Tissues at your earliest convenience.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. Caprilli





Weekly updates

 Hello Grade 6 Families;

We had a wonderful first few days back. The children got to meet their kindergarten buddies and have enjoyed playing with them during recess. Throughout the year, the children will continue to grow in their faith, as well as in their learning.

Homework for the weekend includes:


1. Read 30 minutes everyday


1. French/ English dictionary - due Monday (if you did not bring it to school yet)


1.ME worksheet - due Tuesday


1. Homeroom Parent Meeting - Mon. Sept.11 Rm.4

2. Meet the Teacher/ AGM Meeting - Tues. Sept. 19 7pm

If you have any concerns, I can be reached at

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. Caprilli




 Hello Grade 6 Families,

We hope you had a wonderful summer vacation. We are excited for a new school year with your children. Please visit this blog weekly for updates.

We are looking for parents to take over the grade six Recycling Program which was used to fund our sponsor child. Please email Mrs. Espinosa if you are able to help with this project.

Thank you, 
Mrs. Caprilli