Happy New Year!

With January comes a new season of reflection, planning, and learning. Through December we had the anticipation of Advent, the celebration of Christmas, and now the "opening" of the gift of Christmas through the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th.  Epiphany allows us to revel in the birth of Jesus a little longer, reflecting on his human presence in our world.  Soon we will enter back into Ordinary Time,  and the remaining six months of the year are busy ones.  Before we know it, another year will have slipped by.  The decisions and planning we make now will bear wonderful fruit come June.  In the meantime, there is much to do!

We continue to push forward with the redesigned curriculum,  as well as incorporating the Catholic Principles of Learning thoughout all aspects of curriculum here at St. Paul's.  I am very proud of the St. Paul staff, and the dedication with which they have come together as a team to develop the curriculum with one goal in mind - guiding every child to reach his/her full potential.  As always, this can never be complete without support and encouragement from home.  Parental involvement in a child's growth and development is paramount to successful learning.  I continue to be inspired by the dedication with which the parents and caregivers of the St. Paul community give of their time and heart to support the children and the school.
As always, the best way to keep in touch with everything happening at school is to refer to the Thursday letters (emailed home every Thursday; see the home page for past issues), and the individual class/PE/Music blogs.  

All the best for 2017- an exciting year for learning! 
Yours in faith,
Maureen Moorehead