Jan. 9 - 13

Dear Grade Four Families,

It was so nice to see all the students this week! I think they missed each other over the two week break and are happy to be reunited! This week, we focused on making New Year's Resolutions and discussed the upcoming events in our curriculum. We will start preparing for the FSA (Foundations Skills Assessment) that will be written in February.  This will be something new for the students (and for me), so we're a bit anxious about it.  To prepare, we will look at some past FSA exams and practice them in class and some will be assigned for homework. There is a reading comprehension component, a math component, a short write, and a long write.  Some will be done online while the other portions will be written in booklets.  On Friday, we looked at some exempalrs and talked about the criteria for marking (on a 4-point rating).  They were very keen on giving marks for the sample writings that they read.  This will help them have an idea of what good writing looks like.  Next week, we will focus on narrative writing to help them prepare for the long write portion of the FSA exam.


The Speech Arts Tri-School Festival will be held in Sacred Heart on Thursday, March 9.  In Grade Four, the students will only have Bible Reading. This year, participation in Speech Arts will be optional for the students.  If they would like to try out for the Tri-School Festival, they will bring home four bible reading passages to practice.  An in-class festival (date TBA) will be held and they will be judged by 2 or 3 other teachers from the school.  These teacher judges will choose the best 4 students to represent our school at the Tri-School Festival at Sacred Heart.  Please speak to your child about this opportunity.  I will not be forcing any students to join, so if you feel that your child has the gift of preaching God's word through scripture, please encourage them to participate in this event. I will be asking them what their choice is this week.


Here are the reminders for the week:

Monday: (I'm at a workshop...Mrs. Roger's will be teaching them today)

  • Hot lunch serving for those who ordered
  • Return library books
  • Home Reading starts tonight (a new green booklet was handed out on Friday)
  • Kayla's page is due today


  • PE
  • New Year, New Me due today (coloured, finelined, and cut out)
  • Socials timeline due today
  • Sign Math test (Subtraction strategies)
  • Decide if they are participating in Speech Arts


  • PE
  • Daniel's page due next Monday
  • Dismissal at 2pm


  • regular day


  • January book orders due today
  • PE
  • Assembly by Grades 5 and 2


Have a great week!

Mrs. Imoo