Grade One Sharing

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Tomorrow, Wednesday January 11, your child will bring home their notebook to begin their weekly sharing homework. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to help your child develop their writing skills, for your child to develop their oral language skills, and for the children to learn more about each other.  Please note the following information about sharing in Grade One:

  • each week students have an opportunity to share something special from home
  • it can be a toy, something that they have made or a picture of something they have made, something that belongs to them (such as a bike), or a special event
  • after your child has chosen what they will share, they will write four sentences about it in a notebook that they will bring home (the students must do the printing and parents please help with the sentence structure, neatness, spelling, punctuation, and use of upper and lower case letters)
  • the notebook is entitled "My Favourite Things" and contains the instructions and an example
  • each child has an assigned day and you can find your child's assigned day on the inside page of the notebook (we will begin on Monday January 16)
  • on their assigned day, students bring their completed notebook and the item for sharing to school
  • the shared item will come home on the same day and the notebook will come home the next day so that your child can write about their next sharing item
  • we will do our best to keep sharing items safe, however valuables should never be brought to school (please send a photo instead)
  • if you are worried about forgetting the notebook or sharing item on the assigned day, please send it the day before

 We are all really looking forward to seeing the items that the students choose to share and I know that they having been eagerly awaiting sharing time!

 After you have received the notebook tomorrow, if you have any further questions, please e-mail me at


 Mrs. Kelly