Homework/Next Week

 It's definitely January! Cold and Flu season is upon us. This week we have had a variety of students away due to illness. Please continue to pray for our friends that are ill. Also, please continue to wash your hands, get a good sleep and eat healthy foods.


For those that have been away this week here are a few items that will be for homework: (Students that have been in class will have this written in their agendas.)


Math: Math Textbook - P. 139 - 140 #1- 7; P. 146- 147 #1- 7

Writing: Draft #2 should be finished

Handwriting lower case e should be completed.

Read Well activities will have to be caught up on in class upon return to school.


For our Science Projects: (For students in class and that were away)

Your child is researching about wind, water, or ice erosion. They have been asked to prepare to do a demonstration on this with his or her group. They were given an hour to research on this during class today. They should at this point, have a list of things they need  in order to do this on Monday. Please have them bring their supplies on Monday mornning. Please do not deliver these supplies after school has started. Please check your child's agenda to see what they need to bring and be prepared for Monday. If your child is away, their partners have either decided to collect all of items themselves or they will contact your child this weekend to inform them what they need to bring. If your child was away, they should explore experiments to demonstrate erosion -- they may do so online with your supervision or by using books. 


Next week's words:

1. even 2. below 3. hear 4. sure 5. hold 6. mind 7. pair 8. give 9. most 10. water 11. front 12. however 13. nothing14. laugh 15. different 16. between 17. probably 18. surprise


Happy Weekend and I wish you all a speedy recovery.