Weekly updates

 Hello Grade 6 Families,

The students started the beginning of the week with a fun Science workshop entitled: Newton in the park. The students were put into different groups and had an opportunity to create their own roller coasters. We were all laughing and cheering with great enthusiasm to see if the marble would land in a cup of water.

Homework for this weekend includes:


1. Read 30 minutes

2. Read story over with expression: Round 1 #1-16 (Monday); Round 1 #17-31 (Wed.)


1. Sign test - Mon.

2. Five types of angles - memorize for Monday


1. Une courtepointe de mon amie: Présentations lundi. Memorize your 3 lines.


1. Review Youtube video on Tony Buzan Mind mapping. Mind map pg. 10-11 from Socials textbook (Global Issues and Governance). Use lots of colour. For the boys that left early for the basketball custodio - tape 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 together. Due Monday


1. Wed. Feb. 8 - Dismissal 12 noon (due to water shut off)

2. February 9 and 10 - Catholic Educators Conference (no school)

3. February 13 - Family Day (no school)

4. February 14 - Valentine's Day (wear red and white)

Enjoy the snowy weekend!

Mrs. Caprilli and Mrs. Melvin