A Snowy February!

 Hello Grade 5 Families, 

Please note the following:

Monday, February 6th

  • Field Trip -- Rescheduled for another day
  • Hot Lunch for those who ordered 
  • Pit Pony chapter 3 summary 
  • French - No homework
  • P.E. (Please remember P.E. strip and shoes)

Tuesday, February 7th

  • Mrs. Jeffrey will supervise Grade 5’s on Grouse Mountain Trip (7:30 am)
  • Mrs. Erhardt will be teaching Grade 3
  • Please dress warmly 
  • Please bring a lunch

Wednesday, February 8th

  • Pit Pony - 2 Paragraphs on Setting (Draft only) 
  • Early Dismissal (12:00PM) Please be prompt when picking up
  • Students must answer the following questions for their paragraphs: 
  • 1) You have answered the following questions about the author’s life and background. Is the novel set in the author’s time period, or has she chosen to write about a different era? Is the novel set in a place that the author would be familiar with, or is it all fiction?
  • 2) If the setting is real, what details are mentioned in the novel? (Example: names of cities and towns)
  • 3) What is the most important setting in the novel? Why? Which events take place there?
  • 4) Choose one scene from the novel that you found most striking or interesting. Explain why you are impressed with this scene. 

Thursday, February 9th and Friday February 10th 

  • No school for students-Teachers attend the Catholic Educators Conference

Monday, February 13th

  • Family Day - No School 

Assignments DUE the week of February 13th to 17th 

  • Healthy Living Mind Map - Remember to fill the whole poster with research done at home and please include pictures
  • Persuasive Advertisement - Fully coloured and fine lined


If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at nerhardt@stpaulschool.ca.

God bless, 


Mrs. Erhardt