Feb. 6 - 10

Dear Grade Four Families,

On Monday, we had High Touch High Tech lead us through some experiments on sounds.  Using tuning forks, we discovered what sounds actually are. We learned about pitch, intensity and frequency. The students also learned about wave motion and were introduced to a sound modulator (which sounded like R2D2 from Star Wars)!  Your child made their own version of a harmonica using different lengths of straws.

FSA Schedule:

We will begin on Monday!  

If possible, please avoid booking dentist or doctor appointments on the following dates:

Feb. 6 - Online Reading Comprehension

Feb. 7 - Reading Comprehension Written Response and Short Write

Feb. 14 - Online Numeracy (bring a calculator)

Feb. 17 - Long Write

Feb. 20 - Written Numeracy 


Here are the reminders for the week:


  • Hot Lunch for those who ordered
  • Hand in Reading Log
  • Adrian's page is due
  • Apostles' Creed page 5 due
    • memorize Apostles' Creed prayer by Feb. 20
  • Return library books


  • PE
  • C-Skills assignment due
  • French worksheet due


  • PE
  • Dismissal at 12 noon


  • PRO-D (no school)


  •  PRO-D (no school)

Looking Ahead:

Feb. 13 - Family Day (no school)

Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day (wear red, pink and white play clothes)

Feb. 17 - Grade One and Four to lead assembly

Feb. 22 - Pink Day - Anti-Bullying Day

Feb. 28 - Speech Arts Presentations

Mar. 1 - Ash Wednesday (Grade Four to lead)

Mar. 2 - Daily Lenten Masses begin at 8:15am

Mar. 7 - Field Trip to Science World

Mar. 9 - Tri-School Speech Arts Festival @ Sacred Heart School & Report cards go home

Mar. 10 - Last Day of School before Spring Break


Enjoy the snow!!!

Mrs. Imoo