Week of February 13 - 17

 Hello Grade One Families!

 I hope that you all enjoyed your first day of the very extended long weekend! Thank-you for your commitment to bringing your children to school during the snowstorms earlier this week. Hopefully we didn't lose too many gloves and mittens! If your child is missing something please check the Lost & Found in the brown cabinet by the school office.

 All of the students who have not yet read at a school Assembly this year were offered the opportunity to have a speaking part in the Assembly on February 17. Some of the children decided that they were not ready yet, and would prefer to wait until after Easter. The students who do have speaking parts brought the sheet home in their agenda book yesterday. Please practice the highlighted sentence. Thank-you!

 Please note the following information for the upcoming week:

 Monday February 13

  • no school because of Family Day

 Tuesday February 14

  • Valentine's Day!
  • students may wear red, pink and white clothes instead of their uniform
  • Kristie's family will be providing hot dogs and cupcakes for lunch ~ please send snacks and a water bottle as usual

 Wednesday February 15

  • PE class
  • Wednesday sharing group
  • I will be away at a CISVA Meeting all day so the students will have the opportunity to welcome a new substitute teacher

 Thursday February 16

  • 100th Day of Grade 1!  We will be doing some activities about the number 100 throughout the day.

 Friday February 17

  • 9:00am Assembly led by students in Grades 1 & 4 ~ please join us!
  • no PE class because of the Blood Donor Clinic in the gym
  • Friday sharing group

 Please contact me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

 Have a wonderful Family Day weekend! See you on Tuesday!

 Mrs. Kelly