Hi Grade Two Families,

I hope you've been enjoying your extended long weekend with your families! It is wonderful to see the weather get into double digits with the sun shining! This week, we started reading this ginormous book full of why questions. I believe there are close to 1,111 questions! Each day, we will ask a different why question and the students will have the rest of the day to think about it, read about it in a book, or maybe even ask their knowledgeable parents. The next day, they will come back and share their different thoughts and ideas before reading what the book has to say. This week, we asked a lot of different questions about our fingers. We've gotten some really intellectual and creative guesses. We even did an experiment on what our life would be like without thumbs. Needless to say, trying to button up all the buttons in their uniform was difficult without thumbs. Stay tuned for more questions! 

Here are the reminders for the week: 

Star of the Week: Matthias

Monday, Feb. 13

  • No school ~ Family Day

Tuesday, Feb. 14

  • Bring Gold Books
  • Reading Activity due
  • First Communion Gowns due
  • Send in pictures of landforms
  • Dress Down Day ~ students can wear red, white or pink
  • Valentine's Day - you are welcome to send cards or treats for the class

Wednesday, Feb. 15

  • PE
  • Spelling Check Up for List 17
  • First Communion Meeting at 6:45 pm in the parish centre gym

Thursday, Feb. 16

  • New Spelling list goes home
  • 100th Day of School! 
  • Reading Activity goes home

Friday, Feb. 17

  • Assembly led by Gr. 4 & 1
  • First Communion Photo Forms due
  • PE

Saturday, Feb. 18

  • First Communion Mass at 5 pm ~ Family Celebration! 
  • Please come dresssed in your Sunday best (no play clothes, runners or jeans)
  • Don't forget to sign in at the back of the church when you arrive
  • Wear the cross they received last Saturday

Looking Ahead:

  • Speech Arts in class - Feb. 22
  • Pink Day - Anti-Bullying Day - Feb. 22
  • Solemn First Communion Celebration - Feb. 25

Please email me or write me a note in your child's agenda if you have any questions or concerns. 

God bless,

Miss Ramirez