Today, I spent the day marking the FSA with teachers from St. Joseph and Blessed Sacrament. Therefore, I was unable to mention a few notes about the In-School Speech Arts tomorrow. Please keep in mind the following:

  • the electricity will be turned off in the Parish Centre so the presentations will be held in the library
  • parents of students presenting are invited to attend, however, space is limited
  • only presenters will be sent to the library
  • grade 7 is slotted to present at 9:00

-Mrs. E


  1. LANGUAGE ARTS: Giver chapters 13 & 14 (Mar. 1)
  2. SOCIALS: Landscape Group Video (March 3)
  3. FRENCH: Sign Dictée, Research info and photos, Les Adjectifs (#1-31) (Tommorow)
  4. CHOSEN DISCUSSIONS: Chapter 14 overveiw refer to Parent's Guide (pgs. 60 & 61 & Sponsor's Guide (pgs. 60 & 61)


  1. February 28: In-School Speech Arts (for those who have signed up) @ 9am in the library.
  2. March 1: Ash Wednesday Mass (Bring Sweaters)
  3. March 3: Whistler Ski Trip
  4. March 31: Service Hours (6 hours