Dear St. Paul Families,

You may have noticed all the students wearing their purple HoBo buttons on their sweaters.   Msgr. Luterbach handed them out after the Ash Wednesday Mass to remind the children that they are Homeward Bound.  Where is home?  Well, Heaven of course.   Through the season of Lent we nurture and shape the hearts of our students to focus on fasting, service, and prayer.   Fasting from food or personal habits, doing a little something extra for their family or community, and making intentional prayer a greater part of their everyday are just some ways that our students can experience the Lenten season.  We encourage you to do the same at home, since undergoing these Lenten sacrifices as a family brings greater strength to the family bond. 

Second term Communicating Student Learning reports will come home Thursday, March 9th, and Friday March 10th is the last day of school before Spring Break.  Safe travels to those who are going away, and a safe, fun-filled break to all!

Yours in faith,



Maureen Moorehead.