Welcome Back!

 Hello Grade 5 Families, Please note the following:

 Weekend Homework: 

  • For those students who are participating in the Lent Masses from March 27th-31st please practice your reading parts (Students who are reading intentions, there is a document attached below)
  • Remember to wear your school sweater for mass 
  • All students in Grade 5 are highly encouraged to attend this week of Lenten masses


Monday, March 27th

  • 8:15 am morning mass 
  • Kristin First Reading
  • Kenzie Psalm Reading
  • Chloe Intentions reading
  • Grace and Nicholas presenting gifts
  • Bring a paint shirt for art 
  • Please return Report Card Covers and Pit Pony Novel
  • Also, please bring bible to school
  • French
  • P.E. (please remember gym clothing and shoes)

Tuesday, March 28th

• 8:15 am morning mass

  • Arielle First Reading
  • Annika Psalm Reading
  • Aiden Intentions Reading 
  • Lexie and Achilo presenting gifts 

• P.E. (please remember gym clothing and shoes)

Wednesday, March 29th

• 8:15 am morning mass

• Luciano First Reading 

  • Geraldine Psalm Reading
  • Andrew Intentions reading 
  • Jacob and Bernice presenting gifts
  •  Dismissal 2pm

Thursday, March 30th

  • 8:15 am morning mass
  • Catalina First Reading 
  • Zack Psalm Reading
  • James Intentions Reading 
  • Jenelle and Martin presenting gifts
  • DARE program starts with Constable Kondola 

Friday, March 31st

  • 8:15 am morning mass 
  • Francesca First Reading
  • Emily Psalm Reading 
  • Lorenzo Intentions reading 
  • Brad and Migel presenting gifts
  • P.E. (please remember gym clothing and shoes)
  • Vancouver Aquarium permission slip DUE

God Bless, 

Mrs. Erhardt


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