Science Homework

Good Evening Grade 5 Families,

Your child might have mentioned that they will be required to conduct a science experiment testing how phosphates affect growing things (specifically beans).


Students are required to create their own experiment with a partner.

One cup/bag needs to be watered with only water 

The next set of cups should include different levels of soap and water (least amount of soap to the most) 


Videos that will help students with the procedure part of the experiment: 

They can use either cup method or bag method. Remember! beans need to be watered very lightly each day.



The types of beans students can use are: 

Kidney Beans (usually the best)

Red Beans

Lima Beans


Pinto Beans

All these beans are available at your local grocery store: Bulkbarn may carry some of these (be advised that that they do carry peanuts and it’s not certain if they have come into contact with the beans)


Students are required to write one draft copy covering the following: 







Results and application


All of these terms are explained in their science textbook. Page numbers should be written in their agendas. 


The sooner students start, the better the results :) 


Have Fun! 

Mrs. Erhardt