April 3rd-7th

 Hello Grade 5 Families, 

It was wonderful to see how much the students have grown over the past two weeks!! This week we had the great opportunity of having Constable Kandola come into our classroom and discuss responsibility. Please not the following:


 Weekend Homework: 

Read 30 Minutes (students should read aloud to a family member for at least 15 minutes)

Science project work

Students are encouraged to attend Lent mass on a daily basis


Monday, April 3rd

  • Vancouver Aquarium Field Trip 
  • Please arrive at 8:45 AM we will leave 9AM sharp and leave the aquarium by 2PM 
  • Students need to wear their uniforms (they can wear runners) 
  • Please pack a lunch as we will be at the aquarium for the whole day 
  • No splash zone seating!
  • For students who may have ordered hot lunch, orders can be picked up when we return to the school
  • Students can start Aquarium Project DUE May 1st criteria available below

Tuesday, April 4th

  • Return report card cover 
  • Please bring library books 
  • Students who need to return Pit Pony Novel: Luciano, Jean Migel, Lorenzo, Ethan, Lexie, Kyanna
  • Science reading Chapter 10: Sections 10.1 to 10.7  (Not the experiment! We will do the mining exercise in class)
  • CYU pages 207, 211, 215, 218, 223, 226
  • PE 

Wednesday, April 5th

  • French Mon Poeme (good copy must be fine lined) DUE
  • Students will have French at 8:50 am tomorrow morning 
  • Religion Chapter 7 Review DUE (page 120-121)
  • Home reading program begins (Students choose a chapter book of their choice and read throughout the month) 
  • New Novel Study Launch
  • Math Textbook work (students who do not complete the work will take it home)

Thursday, April 6th  

  • French
  • Music
  • DARE with Cst. Kandola

Friday, April 7th 

  • Science Textbook reading 10.1-10.7 and CYU questions DUE
  • S.T.E.M. Challenge groups build raft (Please bring materials from home) 
  • PE 

God bless, 

Mrs. Erhardt


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