Zone Badminton Tournament information for Monday April 10, 2017 @ St. Pat's Vancouver


Hi Everyone:

Listed below is important information regarding our Zone Badminton Tournament on Monday April 10, 2017:

Gr. 6 - All players need to be at St. Pat's by 8:45 am on Monday morning. Please check in with Ms. Costales.  Tournament play begins @ 9:00 am sharp and will go until 12:00 pm. Players are expected to return to St. Paul's after the tournament for afternoon classes.

Gr. 7 - All players need to be at St. Pat's by 12:15 pm (departure from St. Paul's @ 11:30 am). Please check in with Ms. Costales @ St. Pat's. Tournament play begins @ 12:30 pm sharp and will last until approximately 3:30 pm.

All players are responsible for organizing their transportation both to and from St. Pat's on Monday.

Gr. 7 scorekeepers are also required to be at St. Pat's by 8:45 am and will spend the entire school day @ St. Pat's with Mr. Kelly. (Scorekeeping in the morning & playing in the afternoon).

A concession will be available at St. Pat's but players should also ensure they have adequate water, snacks, & food with them as well.   Students will wear their gym strip for the tournament.


Mr. K