Weekly updates

 Hello Grade 6 Families,

Happy Easter! We hope you enjoyed the long weekend. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow as we celebrate your child's successes throughout term 2.

Homework for the weekend includes:


1. Read 30 minutes everyday

2. Book Club: April 25 (bring materials)


1. Complete pg.173 #1, 2 due Monday


1. Présentations: Vive l'Amitié! Tues. April 25


1. Key Terms on yellow cards (see BC Science pg.22)

2. CYU pg.22 complete #'s 1a) b), 2, 3 (glue down plant cell picture) #5 Apply (research is required 5-10 sentences), #6 Critically Thinking (Research is required 5-10 sentences)

3. Cell City Map labelled and coloured 

4. Quiz: review all parts of a cell - know how to draw and accurately label a plant and animal cell (you will have to do one of these for sure on your quiz and respond to some questions).

5. All of the above work is due on Monday


1. April 17: Team Spirit Day - wear a jersey from your favorite professional sports team

Enjoy the evening,

Mrs. Caprilli and Mrs. Melvin