Hi Grade Two Families! 

We're learning about different cultures in school, and we need your help! Your child took home an info sheet that they need to fill out about one of your family cultures. It contains different elements of culture such as language, food, clothing and more. They are tasked to ask you and your family members different questions to learn more about their culture, then document their findings onto the sheet. They are welcome to use different resources as well to find out more information. The students know that the bulk of the work needs to be done by them. If your family has more than one culture and your child would like to do more than one sheet, they are more than welcome to. They have to submit the first one in order to get the second one.  These sheets are due back in class on Monday, May 1. They will use these sheets to share with a small group what they have learned. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Happy sharing! 

Miss Ramirez