May 15 - 19

 What a wonderful Monday we've had! The students are really engaged in their learning. I find that these days go by so quickly. Today I asked the students to tell you about something that they learned in class today. Just in case they need a little help, here is snapshot of our day:

This morning after praying the rosary, we started our day by asking, "How can we show love for our parents?" The students came up with many wonderful answers. We made connections between showing love for our parents and how our parents show love for us. In doing so, we gained a deeper understanding of how marriage is a Sacrament of Service.

We continue to explore fractions and making comparisons of fractions. They used pattern blocks and wrote fractions and talked about numerators and denominators discussed the size of the parts of the whole. 

After recess, we spent time working with language. They are currently working on creating an anthology of poetry, working with their weekly spelling list, handwriting, and ReadWell comprehension activities and lessons. (Your child may not have done all of these, they may have chosen to focus on one area so find out which one they worked on.)

This afternoon, we had some fun with experiments in science and made many observations. The students are learning about thermal energy and ways that heat is transferred. We carried out two experiements and came up with some interesting findings about how heat is trasferred and how heat affects the movement of the molecules. 

It was a great day filled with learning and engagement. I am so proud of each one of them. 

The rest of the week:


Another fun-filled day in Grade 3!


Father Mark will be taking us on visit to the church.

Mass at 11am (Grade One to lead).

2:00 Dismissal


More great fun.


Assembly led by Gr. 5 & 2

Don't forget to plan your fictional character costume for May 26th.