Weekly Updates

 Hello Grade 6 Families,

What a busy week we have had. Hopefully, the grade 6 class will get some much deserved sunshine along with all the wonderful Vitamin D. We all need to get rid of the coughs, sneezes and sore throats.

Things to do this weekend:


1. Read for 30 minutes every night

2. Positive Thought Song (Line) Group 1 and 2. Due Thursday.


1. Sign Math Test - due Tuesday

2. Complete pgs. 293-294 #1-7 due Tuesday


1. Complete pg. 134 Making Sugar "Disappear" (What Did You Find Out #1-3) - due Wednesday


1. Record Needs for one week (can do it on a spreadsheet). For example: Sat. May 20 Groceries at Superstore $110.00. By the end of the week everyting should be totalled to see how much an average family spends on their basic needs.


1. Art is due on Wednesday

2. Victoria Day long weekend May 22 - No School

3. Favorite Fictional Character Day - Friday May 26

4. A box of tissues for all our runny and stuffy noses (merci)

Have a glorious long weekend!!

Mrs. Caprilli and Mrs. Melvin