May 23 - 26

I hope that you've had a chance to spend your long weekend with family and friends and have been able to enjoy the sunshine! I certainly have. I feel blessed to have had the time with my loved ones. 

A thank-you to all of the families that sent in the nature items this past week. The students were quite successful in their creations and most importantly, in their ability to speak about the process of their creations. It was a wonderful experience to be able talk about our thinking, planning, and learning. I look forward to sharing their creations with you (we took photos of their artwork). 

This week:

*Please check the PE/Music Blog for updates on track and field.


PE and French (as usual) -- Don't forget to be doing the AIM website ( usernames and passwords were sent home from Mme. Caprilli. If you have any questions about it email 


PE (as usual)

Dismissal 2 pm


Regular day


Dress Down Day! Fictional Character Day! Get in the spirit of it... have some fun... imagine who you'll be... and support us in wishing a special someone (Mrs. Koop) well in her retirement.

I'm looking forward to another fun week of school with your children. Enjoy the last bit of the evening sunshine!