Monday, June 12th


  • Special assembly by the Grade 7s
  • Students are to come to school in their uniforms and have their Canucks apparel over their uniform (Please don’t fret is you don’t have any Canucks apparel. Just wear your uniform)
  • We will move into the gym as soon as possible and start the assembly before please don't be late for school!
  • Hot lunch serving for those who ordered
  • D.A.R.E. Essay draft and edited DUE 
  • 1 page of research notes for the immigration project(Students will have the opportunity to collaborate in their assigned groups) Monday
  • All the students had the opportunity to meet in their Fun Day Groups (Must draw a crest/logo for their team colour) Monday
  • Please bring Lamb’s of Hell’s Gate Novel
  • Please bring an old t-shirt for art as we will be using acrylic paint sometime in the week

God bless, 

Mrs. Erhardt