Week of June 12 - 16

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Three weeks left! Each week will bring many fun moments and special events to finish off our school year. 

 Please note the following for this week:


  • if students have a Canucks' jersey or shirt they may wear it over their school polo shirt when they come to school (they will wear it to the special Assembly and then put it in their backpack for the rest of the day); also, if they have any other Canucks' gear (caps etc.) they are welcome to bring those as well
  • "I'm a Gift From God" Concept D
  • PE class
  • hot lunch for those who ordered
  • Monday sharing group


  • "I'm a Gift From God" Concept E
  • Tuesday sharing group


  • "I'm a Gift From God" Concept F
  • Fr. Rodney will visit the school to talk to the students about vocations ~ you may remember Fr. Rodney from when he was the Assistant Pastor at St. Paul Parish a few years ago
  • PE class
  • Wednesday sharing group


  • "I'm a Gift From God" Concept G


  • Assembly led by Kindergarten and Grade 6
  • Friday sharing group

 Please contact me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

 Have a wonderful week! 

 Mrs. Kelly