WEEK OF JUNE 12 - 16

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

What an exciting week! Last Monday, Frater Emmanuel (Miss Costales' cousin), came to visit Kindergarten. He is studying to become a priest at the seminary at St. Micheal's Abbey in Silverado, California! The children enjoyed learning about his vocation and showing Frater Emmanuel how we say our prayers-- and Frater would say them back to us in Latin! Last Wednesday was Miss Guevara's birthday and last Friday was Miss Costales' birthday (talk about twinsies)! Thank you to all parents for the generous birthday gift! We are so blessed to work with such an amazing group of children and parents at St. Paul's School. Please join us this Friday for Kindergarten and Grade 6s last assembly of the year. Three more weeks left in Kindergarten....


This week at a glance:

Student of the week: Mrs. Marwaha

Show & Tell Theme: Something you made

Letter of the week: Short vowel "O" Review



Show & Tell: Samuel

  • Grade 7 Special Assembly
  • Canuck Day (Please wear uniform, and wear your Canucks gear on top!!)
  • Hot Lunch 
  • P.E. with Mr. Kelly
  • French with Madame Caprilli
  • Library with Miss Costales & Miss Guevara
  • Spelling Challenge #11- New set of words will be sent home today


Show & Tell: Janice

  • P.E. with Mr. Kelly


Show & Tell: Ethan

  • Visit from Father Rodney
  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • Early Dismissal at 2 pm 


Show & Tell: Jordan

  • Music with Mr. Kelly
  • DPA with Miss Costales & Miss Guevara


Show & Tell: Rachel

  • Assembly @ 9 am led by K and Grade 6
  • Spelling Challenge #11
  • DPA with Miss Costales & Miss Guevara 



  1. Spelling Challenge #11: Their next spelling challenge will be on Friday, June 16
  2. Home reading: 15 minutes (please use "My Reading" book, "Readwell" book, and books from home)
  3. IXL: Choose an activity from any of the "Numbers and Counting" A.1 to J.8 sections

I'm a Gift From God Programme

We will continue on with our I'm a Gift From God activities. Please be sure to continue to check your child's homework folder as we will be sending home the Activity Books some time this week. 


Upcoming Dates:

  1. Monday, June 12th- Hot Lunch
  2. Monday, June 12th- Canuck Day & Gr. 7 Assembly 
  3. Wednesday, June 14th- Vocations visit with Father Rodney
  4. Friday, June 16th- Assembly led by Grade 6 & K
  5. Monday, June 19th- Father's Day Kinder Cup @ 1:45
  6. Monday, June 19th- Primary Picnic permission forms due
  7. Monday, June 19th & Tuesday June 20th- Top Marks Uniform Day 
  8. Wednesday, June 21st- School Mass led by Grade 7
  9. Thursday, June 22nd- Retirement Assembly for Mrs. Melvin
  10. Friday, June 23rd- Fun Day - Dismissal @ 1 pm
  11. Monday, June 26th- Primary Year End Picnic
  12. Thursday, June 29th- Last Day of School 
  13. Thursday, June 29th- CSL reports sent home


Please let us know if you have an questions, comments or concerns!  


With love,

Miss Costales & Miss Guevara

kcostales@stpaulschool.ca & cguevara@stpaulschool.ca