Weekly updates

 Hello Grade 6 Families,

What a great week we had at St. Paul's School. Mrs. Moorehead was pleasantly surprised when her most favorite hockey player Trevor Linden came for a visit. Her reaction was priceless. We all felt her joy.  Fin also added to the excitement of the day. The week ended with a wonderful swim and picnic at South Arm Park. Thank you to all the parents who helped with the food and all of the accoutrements.

Things to do this weekend:


1. Quiz on 'er' verbs Tuesday. Know the definitions

2. Cahier pg. 16 Leçon 3 a) b) c) - due Tuesday


1. Messin' with Mixtures Lab - due Monday

2. Flip book -Parts of a Solution - due Monday


1. New Uniform Appointment Booking: June 19-20

2. Human Sexuality Evening: June 20 7pm-9pm

3. Final School Mass - Light of Leadership - Wednesday, June 21 @ 11am

4. Parent Appreciation Breakfast and Fun Day: Friday, June 23 (come hungry)

Happy Father's Day!!

Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Mrs. Caprilli and Mrs. Melvin