Tuesday June 20th

After careful consideration and the graduation is just around the corner! I have changed the criteria for word count (minimum 200 words, maximum 400 words) of the artwork. 


How do I write the description?

  • Give a detailed account of what the art depicts. 
  • The person reading your description should be able to imagine the piece as if they were seeing it for themselves. 
  • The description should include detailed, relevant information about the piece, which sets the reader up to understand why you created the piece and the message you are trying to communicate. 
  • Your description has no spelling and/or grammatical mistakes. 
  • It has obviously been proofread and spellchecked. Sentences are complete and logical. 
  • The description can be typed or hand written using size 14, black, ’Times New Roman’ font. It must be backed with  the backing paper provided.
  • Top Marks Uniform Day (3-7pm)
  • Human Sexuality (7:00pm)- please meet in the Grade 5 classroom


  • School Mass by Grade 7’s (11:00) Please bring school sweater to wear to mass
  • D.A.R.E description for art poster DUE


  • Grade 5 D.A.R.E Graduation from 11:00-12:00pm - please join us!


  • Fun Day 
  • 1:00om dismissal

God bless, 

Mrs. E