Week of June 26 - June 30

 Hello Grade One Families!

 We have come to the last week of school! At the beginning of the year the ten months stretch ahead filled with anticipation and promise of what's to come. As we begin the last week of the school year, I am wondering how yet another school year has flown by! I am looking forward to a fun last week of school beginning with our picnic tomorrow.

 Please note the following for this week:

 Monday ~ Garden City Play Park Picnic!

  • arrive at school at 8:45am wearing playclothes appropriate for walking to the park and playing all day!
  • bring a small backpack containing: small snacks, a water bottle, a sunhat, sunscreen, water shoes, a small towel (because they always get wetter than they think they will )
  • if your child has an epi-pen please make sure that they are wearing it
  • we will leave from the covered area at approximately 9:45am because we will let the Grade 2 and 3 students go first
  • we should arrive at the park by 10:30am
  • lunch will be at 11:50am (please contact Mrs. Garcia with any questions)
  • students will play until 1:35pm at which point I will gather them for clean-up
  • parents who are picking up at the park must sign their child out at 1:45pm from the Grade One area 
  • we will begin walking back at 2:00pm 
  • 3:00pm dismissal for those who walked back from the park


  • 8:45am - 3:00pm
  • PE class


  • 8:45am - 2:00pm
  • 1:00pm Retirement Assembly for Mrs. Melvin ~ please join us!


  • 8:45am - 12:00pm
  • students wear playclothes
  • 9:00am Assembly ~ please join us!


  • no school for students ~ first day of summer holidays!


 Please e-mail me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

 I hope to seen many of you at the park tomorrow!

 Mrs. Kelly