Walkathon 2017

Walk-a-thon is here! This Friday, September 29th we will be going on our a very first Walk-a-thon! We're very excited to show our support for our school! 

An outline of our day (approximate times):

8:45 - regular start time children will come to the classroom for attendance and then we will head to the Gym for an assembly

8:55 - Gym Assembly. We will head to the gym for a short assembly. Parents are welcome to come to the gym to join the assembly. 

9:15 - We will head back to the classroom to put our jackets on and get ready to walk. Parent volunteers may join us in the classroom while we wait to leave

9:20 - We will be called to leave. Parent volunteers will walk with their children, and a select group of kids 

10:35 - Arrive at Garden City Park for a snack and water. Weather permitting play at the park for a little. Leave to walk back to school

11:30- Arrive back at St. Paul School. Children with parent volunteers may leave after attendance is taken in class with Miss C. & Miss G. children staying will have a snack and play in the classroom until dismissal. 

1:00 - Dismissal. 

Please note:

1.     Children DO NOT have to be in uniform. Please dress according to the weather. If it is raining, please send your child in rainboots and a raincoat.

2.     If your child is staying until 1:00 dismissal, please send a snack (to be left in the classroom) to have when we arrive back at school.

3.     Our 5 km route: North on St. Alban's (west sidewalk), East on Blundell (north sidewalk), North on Heather (west sidewalk). Cross Granville and Arrive at Garden City Park

4.     Children will not be bringing anything with them. They may bring their school backpacks, however they will be staying in the classroom.

5.     You can send in pledge forms and donations as soon as you can! Lots of time to collect, and the primary class with the most $$ receives a PIZZA PARTY! 


Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns! 

With Love,

Miss Costales & Miss Guevara

kcostales@stpaulschool.ca & cguevara@stpaulschool.ca

Kindergarten Teachers