Oct. 2-6


Dear Grade Four Families,

The highlight of the week was using the Macbooks and Chrome Books to complete assignments on Google Classroom, having the VC students lead us in a Jenga activity linked to the theme of Caring for Everyone in our Common Home, and the walkathon!  Thanks again to all the parents who joined us this past Friday.  The kids had fun being outdoors as they talked (non-stop) and enjoyed the fresh air!  

Here are the reminders for the week:


  • Personal Project is due today
  • Return library books
  • PE
  • Hot lunch for those who ordered
  • Google Classroom assignments:  Walk of Fame (LA) and Liturgical Year (Religion) due today
  • Cross-country practice 3:00-3:45pm


  • Photo Day...please wear your complete uniform
  • PE
  • Google Classroom assignment: Show Me Your Math due today
  • Cross-country practice 3:00-3:45pm
    • CISVA runners do not have to come to practice today


  • Google Classroom assignment: My Hobbies due today
  • CISVA track meet participants meet at Swangard Stadium...you are free to go home after your event is done (Read PE & Music blog for more details)
  • Dismissal at 2pm


  • Religion quiz on the Liturgical Year (you need to know the seasons, colours & reason for the season)...use flip pages and wheel to help you study.
  • Cross-country practice 3:00-3:45 (last practice today)


  • Google Classroom assignment: My Dream Job due today
  • Assembly by Grades 2 & 5
  • PE
  • Garry Point Run for all cross-country runners (Read PE & Music blog for more details)
  • Students who did not join cross-country will remain at school.  Dismissal will be at 3pm

Have a great week!

Mrs. Imoo