October 2 - 6

I can't believe September is over and we are now welcoming in October. The weather has changed and we have settled into some routines in class. It has been a pleasure working with the children. Everyday we see growth and change and hear so many new ideas shared. I feel blessed to share these experiences with your children.

As October begins, we reflect on the goals that we have set out for ourselves. Soon, we will be able to set some goals together at our conferences on Friday, October 27th. October is also the month that we pray the rosary. In class, we will be praying parts of the rosary together. We also focus on being thankful this month. 

Many thanks to those who walked with us on the Walkathon. We were blessed with good weather and good times! Don't forget to collect your pledges now that you've finished walking. (It's not too late to get a few more even though we've finished.)

This week:


Hot Lunch for those who ordered


Home Reading Logs DUE -- Please don't forget, read 5 times per week at least 20 minutes each


Photo Day!




CISVA Cross Country Meet (for those who received a letter -- see PE/Music blog for details)


Regular Dismissal


Spelling Check In

Garrry Point Fun Run

Leave School at 12:30 -- our class to be dismissed at 2:30 from the park. You MUST check out with Mrs. Jeffrey


Have a wonderful week!