Week of October 30 - November 3

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Happy Sunday! What a beautiful autumn day!

 It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with all of you on Friday. Thank-you for sharing your stories, perspectives and questions with me! As I mentioned to some of you, this was our only chance to meet formally during this school year. I encourage you to make an appointment with me if you ever have any questions or concerns, or if you would like an update on things we spoke about on Friday. Please be assured that I will ask to make an appointment with you for the same if necessary.

 If you would like your child to have a photo retake this Thursday, please let me know and send in the proof envelope (with the retake box checked) before Thursday. That way I can make sure that none of the students have forgotten to hand in the request. If I do not have a request from you, then your child will not receive a retake. Thank-you!

 This Friday, the Grade 4 and 1 students will be leading the prayer part of the Assembly. A few students from Grade One will be reading at the Assembly. Throughout the school year all of the Grade 1 students will have the opportunity to read at an Assembly. Please join us and stay for the Walkathon prizes, and to see how much money we raised and who won the pizza party!

 We have a busy and exciting week! Please note the following:


  • PE class
  • hot lunch for those who ordered


  • no agenda book or home reading today (you may keep both at home until Wednesday)
  • Halloween Celebration! ~ please see Mrs. Moorehead's e-mail regarding expectations for costumes
  • some parents were asking about treats ~ we have 31 students and 4 staff members in Grade One on Tuesdays; all treats must be nut-free; non-food treats are welcome too; all treats must be individually wrapped, but they do not need to be labelled with classmates' names
  • please send a $2 donation for Development and Peace (if you are afraid you might forget, please send the donation on Monday)
  • lots of fun and excitement is expected 


  • please return agenda books and home reading
  • PE class


  • library books due
  • photo retake day for those who were absent on the first photo day and those whose parents have requested retakes


  • Assembly led by students in Grade 1 & 4 followed by Walkathon Wrap-Up Assembly ~ please join us!
  • PE class

 Looking Ahead

 During the month of November the students and families of our school will have three school-wide events in support of the theme "Care for Everyone in Our Common Home". First, the Shoebox Project (see Mrs. Moorehead's e-mail) due November 7. This family project is in replacement of the donations that we have given previously to The Living Room in December. Second, is the poppies on Remembrance Day. We will have our Remembrance Day Assembly on November 10. Finally, we will have a dress-down day on the last Friday in November with monetary donations going to Chalice. For each of these events we will be discussing the work of the charity as a class and connecting it to the theme. I will post more about the month of November in Grade One in next week's blog post.

 Please contact me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

 Have a wonderful week!

 Mrs. Kelly