November 20 - 24

 Our short week last week was wonderful. The students had a lot of fun and learned a few things too. Another exciting week is up for us as we begin the adventure of putting together our projects. We have been planning, discussing and getting ready to show off what we've been learning about in both Social Studies and Science. They are becoming great fact finders, researchers and thinkers. I am looking forward to watching them work on their projects and discussing with them ther findings. The plans they have created are looking great. PLEASE don't forget your items for your project.

Each student wrote in his or her agenda what they decided to bring on behalf of their group. PLEASE DO NOT DELIVER THESE ITEMS AFTER THE BELL. It is your child's responsibility to put these items into his or her bag and to have at school at the beginning of the day. It is not Mrs. Ong's responsibility to deliver the items to the class. We try very hard to "Care for Everyone in Our Common Home" by being responsible. If they've been forgotten, it's a good life lesson. Learning to problem solve and be able to answer the question, "How do I adjust to my circumstances?" is a benefit to people of every age. Please remind them today and have them ready to go for tomorrow. Missing an item? No worries. Tomorrow is not the only work period but it is a large one. They will just need to plan to work on whatever they forgot in the next work period. 


Hot lunch for those who ordered

Project materials due

Reading Logs due


Regular Day


Mass at 11:00

Dismissal at 2:00


Regular School Day


Spelling Check In

Dress Down Day -- Spirit Day (St. Paul's Spirit Wear, Jersey's, etc) $2 donation to support our sponsor child.


*Last Scholastic Orders before Christmas will be sent in on Dec.1st to be here in time for Christmas*