Nov. 27 - Dec. 1

Dear Grade Four Families,

Our field trip to Fort Langley was the highlight of the week!  The kids participated in the Fur Trade Challenge and were divided into 3 bragades.  In each bragade, they had a guide, a reader, and a banker.  The kids went to each station to explore, learn, and work together.  When they finished, they checked in with Andrew (our facilitator) and answered the questions he asked. The kids earned tokens for correct answers, for working together, and for good behaviour.  At the end of the challenge, we learned that our school broke the 8 month record for the most # of tokens earned.  The previous record was 93, and one of our teams earned 105 tokens!  Way to go, Crusaders!  I'm so proud of you!!!

Thank you also to our parent volunteers who chaperoned for us: Mrs. Bravo, Mr. Ison, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Hong, and Mr. and Mrs. Pak. 

Here are the reminders for the week:


  • Hot lunch for those who ordered
  • PE
  • return library books
  • Alexis' letter is due today
  • Use of Senses paragraph rough copy is due today (please print it out if possible for peer editing)
  • Addition strategies test will go home today - please sign it, parents
  • Religion assignment: Participation at Mass (Google assignment will begin in class today)


  • PE
  • C-Skills pages 44-48 due today
  • Intermediate choir at lunch
  • Please purchase a canvas for art tomorrow - 9"X12" (for up to 5 family members) or 11x14 (more than 5 family members)


  • Interesting facts paragraph rough copy due today (please print it out if possible for peer editing)
  • bring your canvas to school for Art today
  • if you still don't have a paint shirt in your locker, bring one in today
  • Dismissal at 2pm


  • November Personal Project due today
  • Animal Research should be completed (all 3 paragraphs) 
    • students will have time in class to tranfer it into Pages for their good copy
  • regular day


  • PE
  • Our Advent assembly led by Grades 4 and 1 - please join us!
  • Participation at Mass notes due today (students will have more time to work on the Google slides)


Have a great week!

Mrs. Imoo